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New A/C Units (Replacement)

There are many reasons why people replace existing a/c units, and we are here to help you acquire all the information you will need to know if it is time for you to replace your a/c unit, or upgrade or repair your existing one.  Our goal is to help you make an informed decision without having to speak with a high pressure salesman.
The most important questions to consider when deciding whether or not it is time for you to replace your a/c unit and system are:

1) Question: How old is my current unit?

  • SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is the main rating system used in determining the efficiency and energy use for different types and brands of a/c units and equipment. A higher rating means more efficiency and therefore, more money and energy saved. Most systems installed before 1999 are rated at or close to a 10 SEER and efficiency continues to drop as the unit’s age increases.
  • There have been great developments in technology within the a/c industry, and spending extra money now to replace an old system could mean huge savings in the years to come.  Customers often save as much as 40% of their monthly a/c bill after updating and replacing an older system.

2) Question:  How comfortable is the temperature in my house, and how hard is my a/c unit working?

  • If your a/c unit is constantly working to keep the house cool, or if your house seems to cools some rooms much better than others, you may benefit from a system upgrade or replacement.
  • If your unit is blowing out lukewarm air this could indicate wear and age.

3) Question: Budget concerns – How quickly will this new unit pay for itself?

  • Depending upon how long you plan on staying in your home, and what your current financial situation is, it may make fantastic financial sense to invest in a more efficient and eco-friendly a/c system.   In some cases, new units have paid for themselves in less than a year.

4) Question: What are the major reasons for investing in an a/c system upgrade and/or replacement?

  • Saving money in the long run
  • Comfort in your home
  • Peace of mind – knowing that you are not paying more than you should be, and that your air is clean and safe.
  • Helping the environment – it feels good to go green.

5) Question: How do I know what brand and what size of a/c unit to choose?

  • This is where our 33 years of experience and expertise comes in to play.  We have special tools that will help us calculate exactly how large, and how many units you will need, what ducts and vent need to be adjusted, added, replaced, or repaired, and we will offer you good, better, and best options that will suit your needs and your budget.  We won’t try to sell you parts and units that you don’t need like many of the fly-by-night contractors, and high pressure salesman who work with many of the larger companies.